the blood tears

Let the hole world feel the wrath of the elves. We are the first children of  Gods.  The humans will tremble and despair at the feet of the one who has many faces. Too long our heritage has been denied, too long mother earth endured our enemies, too long our bows lusted for blood and our swords cried out for vengeance. I say to thee, now is the hour of our Return. Their rulers are weak, their iron is rusting, their magic is long forgotten. We gave them peace and they still hunt us down, we gave them magic and still they do not understand it. I ask you, what creatures are these? The gods weep, but they do not have the heart to punish their loved ones.

We were brothers, but they have killed our fathers, slayed our mothers and raped our sisters. You all remember how they`ve abandoned us. We alone faced the Nameless Ones. We alone bled for their salvation. We alone stood at the gates of Void.  Remember their betrayal.  Remember the fear of your loved ones, when the humans torched our lands. Remember the Hunt, when we ran like scared animals. Remember the Great Run when we have fled like cowards. Blessed be our scars for they sing the music of death, blessed be our tears for they wash away our thirst.

Those were the words of Kalin, Warden of Esseya and High Priest of the First Children. The kingdoms of men shall soon fall and blood tears shall soon be wept.

2 Responses to “the blood tears”

  1. 1 Melting ianuarie 24, 2010 la 12:53 pm

    =)) you definitely need professional help : ))

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